Why your blog should have VPS hosting?

Cheap VPS Hosting India

You’ve probably encountered a wide variety of new terms since the launch of your business as a blogger. One of them may be VPS.

In simple words, VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server” as you may know. To split one powerful server into a number of virtual servers, this type of hosting uses virtualization technology. As a result, one server performs the functions of multiple ones. What it really does is offering more power compared to basic shared hosting at a lower cost, even though you may also think that the splitting reduces the power of the server and ultimately affects your blog.

There’s no need for sharing CPU, RAM, and data with others, the server is reserved just for your blog. In our opinion, these are just a couple of quite simple reasons why your blog should have cheap Linux VPS hosting India in order to grow.

If you want to know how it can contribute to your visitors’ experience, security, functionality, and ultimately, your business, read on below.

What is a VPS?

In simpler terms, Virtual private server, is a virtual server installed on a computer that is simultaneously serving many different websites on the web. With each having its respective operating system that runs hosting software for a specific user, a computer can house multiple virtual private servers. Configured to run the server software and applications the customers need, VPS caters to their specific needs.

Being capable of being rebooted independently at any time, it is a customized and completely isolated environment. Running cheap Linux VPS hosting India is just like having a stand-alone server with a comparable level of control, at a fraction of the cost, really!

A VPS is a great option for you as long as your website and the applications you run don’t have super high resource demands.

Consideration factors:


Free to use, Linux is an open source. If you have a more limited budget and don’t have demanding requirements and functionality needs then Linux VPS servers are a great choice. As a general rule, a Linux VPS server, is cheaper than a Windows VPS server. There are also options for $10 to $35 per month, so bloggers have a variety of reliable options to choose from. Now, if you’re thinking why managed VPS hosting costs so low, it’s because it really doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

Total Control over the Server

You can tweak it to meet your needs without waiting for a permission by having a full root access to the server provided by cheap Linux VPS hosting India. Chances are your options for installing various tools will be limited since optimization settings of shared web servers don’t allow a lot of popular software packages because of security and performance concerns.

Since there’s no need to get a permission from your hosting provider, having a VPS server solves this problem. so, you have a full root access here!

Increased Security

One bad user can affect the entire server – there is one significant disadvantage of shared hosting. So, even without you doing anything wrong, your blog will crash. So, to say, this type of hosting is like a stack of dominos: one falls and makes all others crashing down.

It’s better to go with cheap Linux VPS hosting India because it ensures you’ll have your own server since no one wants their blog to be affected by mistakes or errors made by others. There is an increased reliability and stability here.

You can focus on other important activities such as writing quality content for your blog readers by choosing a reliable hosting provider. Focusing on content creation, many bloggers often delegate the task of choosing a provider to their more tech-savvy friends. It is recommended that they manage this process so they can be sure their blog will be stable and non-stop online.

Better Option for E-commerce Businesses

Having a shared server won’t be a good option to go with when your blogging business develops to the point when you have to open your store. Why? The answer is – you’ll have a secure and dedicated virtual server that significantly increases your chances of passing the tests that aim to evaluate its capability to protect payers from data theft, if you choose cheap Linux VPS hosting India.

You have to do your best to make sure that their data is protected if your customers can use credit cards to make purchases on your website. Choosing to develop your online business would be a better idea as VPS is a more secure option.

Greater Flexibility

It allows you to host multiple networks based on the CMS when you have a Word press VPS hosting. So, you can expand your business by running several blogs on different domains using a single website here.

This feature allows to launch blogs in several languages, really! To adapt the content to diverse audiences, you just need to use a search tool find a good translation service. Since this configuration may not be able to manage the traffic from a multisite network, you may not be able to host multiple blogs on a shared hosting platform, on the other hand. Great to deliver a positive user experience – the average loading speed delivered by most providers today is also just under two seconds.

In a nutshell, now you have all knowledge you need to make a decision about hosting for your blog. Cheap Linux VPS hosting India has some great advantages over shared hosting, so choosing it to grow your business makes more sense, as you can see!

Chances are you’ll never go back to shared hosting once you make your selection of a VPS hosting provider. Since this solution ensures more uptime for your blog, therefore, gets more traffic than others. It’s really that simple to understand!

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