Unblock Netflix To Stream All On-Demand Videos


Netflix is one of the most famous TV – movie streaming website which belongs to USA and is popular all over the world. Unfortunately, the Netflix USA contains different and far bigger content library from that which is available in other regions. Primary reason is regional restriction which does not allow users to sign in Netflix USA from other locations.

Signing up Netflix from USA is easy while accessing Netflix USA from some other location has become a significant problem.Well, that’s not fair. Most of the people who are fan of Netflix’s programs are seriously complaining and querying about it but very few viable solutions have yet come on the screen.

Bothered By Geo-Licensing Restrictions?

Although Netflix USA is leading the race of streaming websites and has millions of subscribers but people cannot enjoy it irrespective of their region. Its full library content can be accessed in USA only while those sitting in Australia, Canada and others can access a limited number of TV shows and movies etc. However, Netflix is looking forward to continue to expand its services in the world. But if you are not in the listed area, what should you do?

It has now become a least astonishing fact that a Netflix user not sitting in USA can use Netflix USA easily. It’s because we are growing with technology, if somewhere we find any barrier, we gradually find some other way to reach our destination. The same situation settles here… if we fall in a geo-blocked area, we should choose a VPN to unblock Netflix.

There might be many solutions to this problem. Among those we have VPN, DNS and proxies. But if your aim consists of unblocking Netflix USA plus secure browsing and high speed, than you must opt for a VPN. A VPN not only unblocks your favorite content, it also encrypts all of your data. So, no need to be caught in with the alternatives when you have a best option – VPN to unblock Netflix USA.

If you are not an American, no need to get worried about it. You can access Netflix USA from anywhere around the globe. You may find a number of services but every VPN must not be suitable for Netflix fans. Most of the services reduce your usual internet speed which results in unstable connectivity due to which it slows down your system. Using the right VPN for Netflix, you can overcome such issues. You can choose a perfect Netflix VPN by checking its uploading and downloading speed and ping time.

If you want to access full content library of Netflix USA then choosing a Netflix VPN would prove to be a better option. Once you have unblocked Netflix USA through the VPN then you can get entertained with your favorite shows such as Top of the Lake, The Wonder Years and Breaking Bad etc. A recent report shows that:

  • People with Netflix USA have access to around 7000 movie and TV titles.
  • Netflix Australia has access to 1000
  • Netflix Canada has access to 4000
  • UK, Brazil, Ireland, Argentina and Mexico have access to 3000

This is due to distribution license blocking that Netflix has put on its subscribers.

Why Netflix USA Is Blocked In My Region?

It’s really worth knowing that why these geo-restriction applies outside USA? Why don’t they provide the same programs and shows to everyone?

Hollywood and other media creators have outdated copyright laws. They only allow the programs to be watched in their own regions where they were created. If anyone other than their area wants to access those programs, they have to purchase it at very high cost.

Netflix Viewers

Netflix is an international provider. It was established in 1997 in California and has over 75 million subscribers. Its streaming business had grown rapidly that it became the biggest source of internet traffic in 2010 in North America at 32.3%, and registered 28.8% of aggregate traffic.

  • Quickster

In 2011, Netflix CEO announced in a blog post to split the Netflix DVD section and name it as Quickster. It results in a loss of 800,000 subscribers in the US. The DVD section had later merged again under the name of Netflix.

  • Netflix Geo-Restricted Areas

Presently, Netflix is restricted in China, North Korea, Syria, Crimea and more. People are worried about their favorite shows due to this blocking. And a significant percentage of its subscribers are accessing Netflix through VPN.

Battle between Netflix and VPN Providers

22 January 2016: Following last week’s news, Netflix announces a ban on accessing Netflix USA through VPN, proxies or other unblocking services. As a result, the subscribers abandoned Netflix.

When blocked users try to access Netflix through a VPN, they see the following message: “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.” It had been seen that Netflix is blocking the users of Australia mostly using Uflix service.

Netflix Has Opened Its Services For Almost The Whole Planet!

Fortunately, in January 2016, Netflix has astonished everyone by expanding its services to 130 more countries. This took its total to 190 countries. This means that with the increase in its service will lead to the increase in its paid subscribers.

But the fact of geographical licensing restrictions and the use of VPN remains the same as before. And thus, more users would start using VPN in order to access their full library content which is currently not available in their own country.

Netflix- being the world’s most popular streaming web obviously must not lose its subscribers strength as, by doing so, they’ll lose revenue. So they obviously never want to decrease its number of subscribers.

How Do They Block a VPN from Accessing Netflix USA

Netflix never indicated that how will they fight against unblocking through VPN and proxies. The recent news suggests that Netflix is trying to identify and blacklist the IP addresses and servers associated with VPNs and other unblockers. If anyone tries to access Netflix USA from any IP that is blacklisted, it eventually stops it and he will no longer be able to beat the constraint.


Shows like ‘Mad Men’ and ‘House Of Cards’, which you don’t want to miss, have become a popular sensation. Access to these shows outside USA has turned to shady streaming websites with many popups and high risk of malware infections.

Upon browsing, you must have gone through multiple solutions for accessing Netflix USA from other regions as we have mentioned earlier. So, our tech geeks suggest that VPN is the best way to unblock US Netflix with full anonymity and without any barriers.

Netflix may temporarily disrupt the use of VPN for accessing Netflix USA but it cannot overcome and permanently block this usage. Netflix – being a paid service, would never tolerate to lose its subscribers. So, if you are one of the Netflix fans, no need to worry about… just go ahead with your best Netflix VPN and unblock Netflix US with a quality connectivity and premium speed!

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