Rules and Regulations of Indian Railways: You Never Knew About

While each and every citizen of India must have travelled in Indian Railways at least once in their lifetime, most of them are not completely aware of the rules and regulations that follows. Indian Railways that is the backbone of the nation and world’s busiest network systems plays a very crucial role in everyone’s life. To locate from one place to another this is the cheapest and most convenient mode of travel in India. Not only does it provide cheap travelling carts, it also offers berths and seats for every genre of people. So one can travel in 1A class that is the first AC class type coaches which are a costly affair or can travel in sleeper classes of Indian railways. So let's check if there are any rules and regulations that you are unaware of:Tatkal Ticket Refund:Tatkal ticket is best for the last minute travel plans. A bit costly, this ticket booking although needs an expertise in ticket booking, but is very helpful for getting reserved reservation when you are in a hurry. But what if the train gets cancelled, it gets delayed by more than 3 hours or is diverted. In such cases you can claim for full refund even if your ticket is confirmed tatkal ticket. For such c

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