Best and Cheap SEO Tools

Without the tool, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is working dark. And in this era of 5G being in dark is not a very good habit. These five SEO software tools help you to collect SEO information without breaking the rank: SheerSEO This all-purpose tool helps you manage, monitor and operate SEO campaigns. Although it has wide capabilities, it is most useful to see your ranking and how your link building efforts are being affected. SherSeo is available at many different levels of price between $ 7 and $ 40 per month. (They recommend the $ 15 option.) Features include: Rank tracking - This tells you where your pages are ranking for your selected keywords. The most useful part of this is historical trek, so you can follow the trends in your ranking over time, without the need to export to the spreadsheet. Main Referrer - It tells you how many links you have and lets you see the top 50 or "PageRank boost" sorted by most referrals. This is not just Link PageRank. Instead, PageRank is a specially designed metric designed by Booster Sherosao, which estimates how firmly the link affects your ranking. Social Metrics - Track how your site is shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Good to f

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