Everything You Need to Know About Non-alcoholic Perfumes

The world of perfume is amazingly vast. There are tons of varieties, perfume families, scents and notes that any perfume user can be left baffled among the wide range of choices available. With such a wide range of choices, it can be rather confusing for the fragrance users while searching for the perfect fragrance for their special moments as well as everyday use. With the right fragrance, one can easily get long hours of fragrance and equally good sillage however, a wrong fragrance affect this as well as your skin. People with sensitive skin often come across to this issue of getting rashes and scars on their skin caused due to alcoholic perfumes mixed with tons of chemicals. If you have become bored of these scents, it is time to take a step towards amazingly refreshing Alcohol free perfumes. Difference between alcoholic and non-alcoholic fragrances: For those who are not aware, 70% perfumes available in the market are concoction of perfume essence mixed in alcohol base. Alcohol allows the fragrance essence to dissipate easily when it comes in contact with the air evaporating at an even rate. However, these perfumes have very less amount of perfume essence as compared to the a

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