What are the hungriest and creepiest Insects?

The most poisonous insect in the world is an ant. Not every ant will, since many ants do not sting.of those who do, the prize for the most toxic poison is for the harvester ant. Are there bugs that live in your body? Do they feed on your blood? The answer to these two questions is "yes". Humans are the favorite cuisine of millions of microbes, mites, worms and insects. In other words, we humans are the most suitable habitat and a "walking ecosystem" for these hungry insects. Here is a list of some of the hungriest and Creepiest insects that could be feasting right now.Bedbugs:When we talk about errors, bed bugs can’t be ignored. We are the midnight snack for these small parasitic insects, which are now becoming a serious problem throughout the world. Capable of hiding in the cracks or seams of any piece of furniture, bed bugs can also be stored in luggage and bags. Every night, in your bed, you may not sleep alone. Bed bugs may be crawling on you. They pierce the skin of their host with hollow tongue-shaped tongues.Their bites make people sick and spread diseases,and they also sting a lot. Bedbugs - bad insects! As of today, scientists know of millions of such error

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