SSL Certificate

Why SSL Certificates Are Necessary for Our Websites!

The term ‘SSL’ is the abbreviation for “secure sockets layer”. An SSL certificate is basically a security system used by websites to protect confidential information such as bank details, credit card numbers etc. It establishes a safe connection between a browser and a web server by combining a cryptographic key to the data of a website. It is essential for websites for a number of reasons, most importantly, for maintaining our privacy and security. Now, let us see in details why we need SSL certificates for our websites! 1.It saves you from hackers As soon as an SSL certificate is put on a server, the application protocol HTTP changes to HTTPS. Here, ‘S’ means secure. Simply said, HTTP is the application protocol that exchanges information between your computer and the site you visit and HTTPS stands for the safer version of it. HTTPS converts the data into codes, thus making it impossible for anyone to read. This is extremely necessary if you are entering secret information such as your password, debit card number etc. It will protect you from the hackers who are always trying to make you download some malware on to your computer. 2.It shows that you are genuine An SSL certi

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