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Technology Trends For The New Year That Do Not Revolve Around Security

2019 will bring some exciting new technology stories. How will your home and office become smarter? What can we expect? As we approach 2020, we inquire about the desire of the minds to know ... What is next? What new hardware and technical features can we expect to cause "turbulence" as we move to 2019? Guest Posting Sites List, Guest Posting Services Do you remember this positive feeling when you first turn on your smartphone? Or, how about the excitement I felt when I started using a virtual home assistant, like Alexa, who was controlling things with voice commands? Perhaps I felt the same positive sentiment in the holiday season, with new cool technological games under the Christmas tree. Or maybe you've been disappointed with technological advances in 2018 and are waiting for something different on the surface. For this view of technology in 2019 and beyond, I put aside all security threats, cyber predictions and threat predictions of hackers stealing your valuable data. (Side note: For those who wish to delve deeper into security predictions for the coming year, there are plenty of detailed cyber reports, horrific piracy trends and cybersecurity forecasts in my annual rep

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