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WiFi Security Mistakes You Should Avoid

Wireless security is an animal completely different from wired network security. Since WiFi is a wireless technology, intrusion attempts are much easier because without physical network or building access they are possible. This is, therefore, an area of IT security in which you do not want to make mistakes. You should avoid five common WiFi security errors when you deploy wireless networks: 1. Using Pre-Shared Key (PSK) WiFi Security: The WiFi Protected Access (WPA or WPA2) personal mode is much easier to set up initially than the 802.1X company mode, which requires a RADIUS server or RADIUS hosted service. The enterprise mode, however, is better designed for business networks. It offers greater security in business environments and takes less time to manage in the long term when compared to the effort required to use personal mode safely. When using personal WPA or WPA2 security mode, you set a passphrase to connect to the WiFi that is used by all users. This passphrase is stored in all these devices, so if one is lost or stolen or if an employee leaves the organization, the passphrase on the APs and on all wireless devices needs to be changed to keep the network secure.

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