What Is Flatfoot? Causes And Treatment

What Is Flatfoot?The arch in your foot helps you when you walk or stand. The loss of an arch is known as flatfoot. Flatfoot is often a disorder, with various symptoms and varying degrees of disability and deformity. There are different types of flatfoot, all of which have one thing in common: total or partial collapse (loss) of the arch. Other characteristics shared by most types of flatfoot contain toe drift, in which the front and toes part of the foot point outside. In Flexible Flatfoot, the arch can be noticed when the foot is not carrying any weight. In rigid flatfoot, the arch is not present, whether bearing weight or not. Normally all children are born with flat feet. After the age of three, children start to form an arch. However, rarely, rigid flatfoot can be recognized at birth and may be able to be operated earlier. Painless, flexible flatfeet normally do not lead to any difficulties in adulthood. What Causes Flatfoot?Flexible Flatfoot is occurred by lax ligaments in the foot. The condition is heredity. Rigid flatfoot is due to abnormal foot development, either due to another condition or genetics, such as cerebral palsy. Adult-onset flatfoot can also be cause

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