Cheat India Review – Release date

Release date 18 January 2019 There have been many films like 3 Idiots', 'Reservation', 'Nil But Sannata', 'Choke and Duster', but it is the first time to lick the education apparatus, raising questions on the education system in Bollywood. The termite of the cheating mafia has been exposed in such a way that your eyes become wide and you fall into thinking. It will be the strength of the subject, which is known as serial kisser, Imran Hashmi did not confine himself in the form of actor but decided to become a creator. The story is of a man like Rakesh Singh alias Rocky (Imran Hashmi), who has undergone the burden of his family and dreams and has walked on a path of cheating, which he considers not just for others but also for others. In the Rakesh Education system, it is a mafia that has penetrated in-depth, which leverages the flaws in education system. Uses the intellect and merit of poor meritorious students. These poor qualified students give entrance exams for disadvantaged children, and it charges a lot from the parents of those rich children. By giving money to poor children, Rakesh is free from guilt. One of his victims is Sattu (Snigdadeep Chatterjee) and his sister (Shr

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