6 Tips For Home Ant Control

With 7000 species and 20 types to get into your house, Ants are one of the biggest nuisances all over the world. Home Ant is one step ahead of them creating uncalled for a disturbance around your home with their never-ending line of workers. With the advent of summer, they are preparing hard to colonize your home. So, here I am going to describe 6 tips to control the home Ant effectively so that your summer becomes free of home intruders.Cleaning Ants love dirty places; kitchens, corners, and sinks. So, to control home ants the easiest way is to keep your house clean. Once an entomologist said that a bucket of water and a mop are the best types of pest control. It goes same for the home ants. Always clean the sticky areas and never leave any sweet behind and uncovered. Immediately clean all and every food and liquid spillages to help to prevent ants. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});Sweeping Food crumbs and wastage are like a giant lighthouse that attracts and directs ants from miles. Food crumbs are one of the main reasons for ant invasion in our home during spring and summer. So, you must ensure sweeping up every food crumbs from the indoor an

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