Skills You Need to Land a Machine Learning Job

Machine Learning program

With technologies such as AI, Machine learning, and predictive analytics redesigning the business backdrop, software products, aggregators, and E-commerce are raising the demand for Machine Learning professionals in India.

Machine Learning is basically related to AI that offers computers with the competence to do specific tasks, like recognition, planning, diagnosis, prediction, etc., without being clearly programmed. It emphases on the creation of algorithms that can explain themselves to develop and modify when exposed to new data.

Now, are you attempting to understand some of the skills essential to get a good job in Machine Learning? A good candidate should have a sound understanding of a wide set of algorithms and applied mathematics, analytical, and problem solving skills, statistics and probability, and programming languages.

Here are the skills required to start and advance your career in machine learning:

Probability and Statistics

Theories assist in learning about algorithms. Good samples are Hidden Markov Models, Gaussian Mixture Models and Naive Bayes. Good understanding of Probability and Statistics is also recommended to comprehend these models. Use statistics like a model evaluation metric: p-values, receiver-operator curves, confusion matrices, etc.

Programming Languages -Python/C++/R/Java

If you want to make your career in Machine Learning, you will perhaps have to learn all these programming languages. R works excellent in statistics and plots, C++ can aid in speeding code up, and Hadoop is a Java-based language, so you possibly need to device mappers and reducers in Java.

Data Modeling & Evaluation

A crucial part of this approximation process is constantly assessing how good a provided model is. Based on the task at hand, you will require to select a suitable error/ accuracy measure for instance log-loss for classification, etc. and an evaluation approach sequential vs. randomized cross-validation, like training-testing split, etc.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Possessing a sound understanding of algorithms and knowing how they work, you can also distinguish models like SVMs. You will require to understand subjects such as convex optimization, gradient decent, quadratic programming, partial differential equations, etc.

Distributed Computing

Most of the time, ML jobs involve working with large data sets now-a-days. This data cannot be processed using single machine, you require to allocate it across a whole cluster. Projects like Apache Hadoop and cloud services such as Amazon’s EC2 make it simpler and cost-effective.

Advanced Signal Processing Methods

Feature extraction is one of the most significant parts of machine-learning. Diverse kinds of problems require many solutions, you may be able to apply really cool advance signal processing algorithms likes: wavelets, curvelets, shearlets, contourlets, bandlets.

Machine Learning program from a premier institute can help you excel these skills necessary to land a good job in ML domain. Top institutions have right faculty and resources to facilitate students’ learning.

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