Scandinavia – Gastronomical Delights

Scandinavia – Gastronomical delights

Before I went to Scandinavia I was not very sure of the kind of food popular there. After some research I discovered some authentic true flavours of Scandinavia food and it was myth watering and delicious. I have made the list of some top foods you must try at Scandinavia for your gastronomical delights.

Top foods to try in Scandinavia

Scandinavian food is delicious and it is a must to try out these glorious food items in Scandinavia. The authentic flavours will truly reach your hear through your stomach. These foods are a must try to truly explore Scandinavia:

  1. Eat a slice of Smorgastara

This is truly one of my favourite dishes. It is like a savoury cake which is built in layers and toppings like a cake, except the fact that it is savoury and not sweet.

  1. Taste the tasty kanelsnegl

This is a popular item in Scandinavia and available everywhere. They are just like cinnamon rolls and freshly bead to perfection at every joint in Scandinavia.

  1. The Kvik Lunsj is a must try

Yes, it is one of the best dishes you should try in Scandinavia. These little chocolate fingers are truly heaven while you hike up the mountains in the freezing winters.

  1. Get some comfort with geothermal heated Rugbraud

When you are freezing and the temperature is dropping, it is time to land up at hotels which offers geothermal pools with Rugbraud. Nothing tastes as good ads this freshly baked bread with lashings of butter.

  1. Grab yourself a pylsa

This is the scandavian hot dogs. I gobbled down my hot dog from the famous food stalls and enjoyed it thoroughly.

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  1. Chow down on the slices of Gravalax

Gravalax is a thinly sliced salmon, which is sprinkled with salt and sugar and combined with the classic mashed potatoes or rye bread. It is a tasty scandavian food you must not miss.

  1. The smorrebrod is a must breakfast

It is an open sandwich with fillings such as fresh fruits, meats, sauces and salads or spreads. It was my daily breakfast gastronomical delight in Scandinavia. These were truly addictive food.

  1. Enjoy the Raestkjot

This is the tastiest sea food I have ever tasted. The tasty seafood cooked in a broth is a must when you are in an islands in Scandinavia.

  1. Devouring the plate of kottbullar

This is a meatball dish which is highly popular in Scandinavia. It is so tasty that you would binge on it. Mixed with a creamy sauce and served with boiled potatoes, it is a delicious dish cooked in cowberry sauce.

  1. Reindeer the famous meat

Cooked in a low steam, and smoked the reindeer is a truly authentic meat of Scandinavia. Though I was sceptical of tasting this dish at first, it was eventually quite different and tasty when I finally took a bite.

  1. Waffles

Yes, waffles are not only famous in Belgium but Scandinavia too has delightful waffles with cloudberry jam and whipped cream to serve you and give the ultimate satisfaction to tour sweet tooth.

  1. Herring Fish

This is a small fish fried or smoked to perfection and this one of a kind seafood is a must if you truly want to try out scandavian authentic food.

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