Know Interesting Facts About Pongal – Pongal is also a festival of sun worship, Like the Makar Sankranti


Pongal is a rural festival, celebrated by people of Tamil Nadu pompously. This is the festival of sun worship and gratitude to the earth. This time Pongal will be celebrated from February 15 to 18.

Pongal is the main festival of South India. Where in India, Makar Sankranti is celebrated, while in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu, Hindu families celebrate Pongal with pomp. The festival, which is celebrated for four days, is primarily an agricultural festival, where the Sun is worshiped. Pongal is a sign of sunrise from the Sun’s density of the sun. This time Pongal festival will be celebrated from January 15 to 18.

The special gift given by the Tamil Nadu government to Pongal

People of Tamil Nadu celebrate Pongal festival with glee and thank the rain, sun and cattle. People wake up early in the morning and wear new clothes and go to temples and worship God. The whole house smells of grilling of cashews, almonds and cardamom in ghee because the traditional dish is prepared with rice, jaggery and gram dal. The people of Chakrai Pongal boiled in milk, people say ‘Ponglo Pongal’, ‘Ponglo Pongal’. Pongal in Tamil means boiling well. That is, this pleasure made from rice, jaggery and pulses is boiled well and God is presented to the sun. 

In order to thank God for the sun, they are appropriated to Pongal’s dish, after which it is accepted as a prasad. People greet each other with pongal and exchange shy pongal. Pongal festival is celebrated for four days. The first day is bhagaye, on this day people burn old clothes, gravel, etc. and paint houses. 

On the second day is the main festival of Pongal, which is celebrated on the first day of Tamil month Thai. The third day is Mattoo Pongal, when the cow, the bulls are bathed and their horns are painted and they are worshiped. Women feed the birds with rice rice and pray for the welfare of their brothers. The catch-up game – Jalacultu is also organized. Kannam Pongal is celebrated on the fourth day. On this day people visit their friends and relatives by visiting them and walking around.

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