Harvard Business School

Required GMAT Scores to get into bet business schools in USA

When you are aiming to attend a B-School in USA, GMAT is an essential requirement. GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test, and it an admission criteria for b-schools all over the world. It is an assessment of a candidate in four subjects:Analytical Writing Integrated Reasoning Verbal and Quantitative SectionThe GMAT scores range from 200 to 800, and they are pretty high when you are trying to get into top business schools in USA. In this article, we have listed the top B-Schools in USA, and the GMAT Exam scores required to get accepted in them. This will give you an idea of the eligibility criteria of various schools, and will also help you set a goal for GMAT Preparation. While the Top Ranked Schools like Harvard, MIT and Stanford require a much higher score, there are also some quality MBA / Business programs available in USA which have requirements below the score of GMAT 650 and 500. We will include some of those B-Schools, too. Top B-Schools in USA with high GMAT requirements (above 700):B-School in USAUniversityGMAT Score RequiredWharton School of BusinessUniversity of Pennsylvania732Stanford GSB    

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Book proofreading

5 Proofreading Techniques for Students

Proofreading refers to the process of detecting and correcting errors, typically human-made such as typos or grammatical mistakes, in a body of text. It is an important process that leads to better readability of the text and ensures that the message of the text isn’t lost due to errors made while creating it. Even though it is a fairly simple process that only requires careful attention to the work being done, there are some proofreading techniques which can ensure the proper and desired outcome. When it comes to academia, proofreading becomes especially vital as anything written in that context is expected to be well-written and completely free of errors. Here are some techniques students can use while book proofreading or proofreading in general.ConcentrationWhen you are proofreading, concentration is the most important thing as you are dealing with finding small mistakes in what is often quite a large body of text. Students should focus on the task at hand and eliminate distractions to the best possible extent. Activities that enhance concentration such as meditation can also be used by students as tools to further their proofreading abilities. (adsbygoogle

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Why Life Insurance for College Students Is Important

College students rarely have time to think about life insurance either because they are having the time of their lives in college or because they are too busy trying to read and secure a good future. It is however advisable for them to consider it because life insurance for college students is just as important as it is for other people. If anything, college is the time when one should begin thinking and planning for their lives. Some of the reasons why life cover is important for college students are:Preparation for the future The first reason why life insurance for college students is important is because it is at this stage that they should begin thinking about their future. The best place to begin building a strong and sound financial future is college. By taking up an insurance policy at this stage, you are likely to be charged less than if you opt to take up a policy later in life. This is because premiums are calculated based on age and health and most college students are in good health and are of suitable age to get life insurance at very low rates.Students with familiesSome people begin getting families or settling down with their spouses during college.

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How Mount Litera School International Can turn your child’s future to a new level

Choosing a school for your child can be overwhelming, as a lot of thought and deliberation is put into it. While every school has their own set of advantages but, international schools help take your child’s future to the next level. Hence,if you are looking for holistic growth of your child, then you can put your trust in MLSI (Mount Litera School International),as it is one of the best international school in India.the school is also affiliated to IB (International Baccalaureate) Board. Before making any decision consider the following advantages that comes with international schools like MLSI. 1. Getting exposed to a new culture- Most of the international schools adhere to the international curriculum. A curriculum like this is a beautiful amalgamation of different cultures and convert it into a learning process. Hence,many students benefit from this exposure and learn how to work with people from different background. Students studying in international schools reported that studying with kids from different cultures help them appreciate the world around them.             2. Growth in personality- International schools, also focuses on developing the personality of t

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Why Students Need Marketing Dissertation Help?

It’s surprising how many people don’t know what marketing is. In layman terms, marketing is a strategy a business uses to expose its brand and develop a stronger customer-brand relationship. On the face of it, this might seem very simple. After all, you can buy marketing courses for a few dollars using nothing but your Xfinity internet plans. But is an online course enough to give you enough grounding? Some would argue even four years of an undergrad degree are not enough. Especially when it comes to writing a marketing dissertation. Why is Help needed with Marketing Dissertations? Writing a dissertation is no easy task. Especially a marketing dissertation. You have to justify your research objectives. Then you have to carry out primary and secondary research to verify them. During your research, most of the marketing literature you find will be very dense. Empirical frameworks are also very intense, making the problem even more complex. Even the smartest students often drive themselves up the wall writing a marketing dissertation. Some of the problems they encounter are:Not the Right Supervisor Subject Matter Density (Un)Friendly Competition Panic and Doubt Social I

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