11 Article Writing Strategies to Drive Traffic for Your Business

There are so many people in the world who write articles to promote their business. But we will indicate you never quit because as soon as you know the approaches to acquire traffic via posts, you will adore the post writing. Thus, follow these approaches to drive traffic via article writing. These are:

Understand Your Audience:  

Before writing an article or blog, determine what your audience wants to read about. It’s possible to use Quora to learn what your audience is enthusiastic about and provide your viewers they wish to see.

Keyword Research: 

When we began working to push more visitors, began with keyword research. Because keyword research provides a better understanding of the requirement for particular key phrases. In addition, it tells how hard it is to compete for all those terms in the search results. You can use Moz, Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool for it.

Content Curation: 

Take the very best content and discuss this with your viewers. For the best articles curation follow these steps:

  1. a) Primarily figure out the issues of your customers/clients because as soon as you identify, you can show the values of your products/services. To find out these issues, you can also create a survey.
  2. b) The next issue would be to find out the benefits of your products/services because you need to identify what they’ll be losing when they do not go together with you. Then pointing out these benefits, you can inspire your customers/clients.
  3. c) The next point is you have to make sure that your article should follow the article submission guidelines and submitted to the proper category.

Use Keyword In URL & Body:

For best SEO results, you should use the targeted keywords in the URL of the article post and blog post and also use in the body of the report. Remember if it makes sense put keywords there but don’t use keywords whether it does not make sense.

Study The Competition:

To increase the traffic, you have to enhance the standard of your content. However, for this, you want to examine your competitors. Employing BuzzSumo, it is possible to figure out the hottest post of your own industries. You may also follow these steps to examine your competitors.

  1. a) Gather the good information of your product/services to make a solid competitive evaluation.
  2. b) Next thing lists the strengths and weakness of your all competitors.
  3. c) Look the regions in which you cannot compete and regions where you are able to offer something better than your competition.

Generate Quality Backlinks:

Based on Google, Backlink is your important ranking factor because Google seems how many backlinks you need to discover the significance of your essay. You may make traffic through social bookmarking, Article Submission, Blog Posting, guest posting, infographics, etc.

Boost Your Post:

The important thing concerning organic traffic is that it always gives outcomes. Boost your article, and it provides you with countless visitors for a longer duration. It is also possible to discuss your printed articles to your social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.


Cross-Linking means your new article post includes links of your older articles. Cross-linking is the easiest way to get ranking in search engine results. So we also focus on cross-linking.

Generate Ideas From Reviews, Comments:

You might even create ideas from testimonials, helpful remarks. So read testimonials or remarks because it also hooks you up with all the readers but also provides you useful content thoughts. However, you need to find comments that help you with your upcoming content.

Refresh Old Content:

Our posts are helpful to readers and draw a great deal of traffic, therefore we must update them frequently. We could add valuable information for them to create that better and applicable to your viewers.

Follow SEO Practices:

You should also follow SEO factors like always use Meta title, description & keywords tags and also use subheadings. It helps you to get high ranking in search engines.

Articles have the capability to reach countless people around the world. So keep writing posts, and it allows you to promote your company by bringing the audience.

UBC Become First University to Allow Pot Smoking on Campus

The University of British Columbia in Canada may become the first varsity in the world to legalise pot smoking on campus and would set up dedicated gazebos for the purpose.

Following legalisation of the possession and sale of recreational cannabis in Canada last month, the university committee has come up with a draft policy titled “Smoking and Smoking Product Promotion on Campus”.

The draft policy has been put up for community consultation and a final call on it is likely to be taken in February.

“We believe that when you criminalise any activity that people are engaging in any way, all you do is drive the behaviour underground. However, that doesn’t mean that everything and anything can be decriminalised. Hence, the policy will take into account that the decorum of the campus is also maintained,” Hubert Lai, University of British Columbia’s (UBC) counsel, told PTI in an e-mail interview.

According to the policy, smoking of cannabis will be prohibited anywhere on the campus except in designated smoking gazebos. Both cultivation and sale of cannabis will be prohibited on campus.

“An individual on campus may not possess cannabis in amount that is greater than the amount set out by federal law, which is the equivalent of 30g of dried cannabis or 450g of cannabis edibles.

“Cannabis may be stored in residence in your private space in your bedroom as long as all storage containers are clearly labelled as containing cannabis or cannabis product and are stored in such a way as to not create nuisance to other residents,” Lai further said.

Smoking of Cannabis will not be allowed in classrooms, student residences, UBC vehicles, bus shelters and other such areas on campus.

According to the policy, the university employees are required to refrain from the use of any impairing substance, including alcohol and cannabis, during or prior to work hours.

“Although medical authorization to use cannabis does not include a right to consume cannabis at work or arrive to work impaired, employees who are prescribed cannabis for medical purposes and seek, or require, an accommodation should advise their supervisor. Any unauthorised or unapproved use of cannabis prior to or during work hours will not be tolerated and may result in discipline,” Lai said.

“However, in accordance with federal law, individuals who are over 19 years of age may share or give away cannabis to other individuals who are over 19 years of age, as long as the amount of cannabis given away doesn’t exceed the amount that such an individual is allowed to possess,” Lai added.

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