Fashion mistakes that make you look sloppy rather than stylish

Fashion is part and parcel of every person’s life. We want to look stylish and stunning. But then we made some mistakes in showing our fashion sense. From patterns to colors and clothing to accessories, mix and matching are important. Although, it is important to wear everything that feels our self comfortable and good but for looking stylish to show others, must want some measures while getting into a look. Here are some common mistakes that we make on a regular basis that makes us look sloppy. Have a look at them-

Comfort should be priority

If you are uncomfortable, you won’t look stylish. Comfort should be the first priority. So make sure that your dress must be perfectly fit, a too much tight dress will make you look awkward. Moreover, do not wear heels that you are uncomfortable in. I personally believe that if you are wearing an unfit outfit in which you are not feeling pleasant and wearing heels, in which you can’t walk properly, will makes you look over showing and awkward. So make sure to wear that make and feel you cozy.

Avoid chunky jewelry

Jewelry and accessories are an important part for an outfit. So make sure to wear some accessories that add style to your look. But when we add chunky accessories in order to make our self look cool, there we went wrong. Chunky jewelry looks outdated and it makes you look unpleasant. Try to wear only cuff bracelets, chain necklaces and, thin earrings. This way you will look attractive and stunning.

Wearing over-sized clothes

If you think over-sized clothes make you look cool, then you are wrong. Wearing loose coats will ruin your style and you will look sloppy. But it does not mean you should wear small sized clothes. Wear something that fits you perfectly.

Color-averse styles make you dull

Colors are a part of life. So do not choose just black and grey shades. I don’t mean you should wear yellow with grey but there should be mix and match of colors so as to look attractive. So don’t be a color-adverse and make use of rainbow colors in your outfits. Moreover, choose the colors that go with your skin tone so they took attention. Try to buy unique color fashion wear that is available at most online stores.

Don’t wear long sleeves

Some people think that wearing long sleeves took attention and they look attractive. But the fact is, long sleeves make a person look unpleasant. You must wear sleeve till wrist bone, the longer the sleeves, the more it looks sloppy. So make sure to shop or stitch clothes with a normal sleeve length.

UN-tucked shirts

The fashion has gone when you used to wear untucked shirts. It looks good sometimes but not all the time. If your shirt is short, then it fine to UN-tuck or tucked shirts in pants. But if you wear long shirts then it won’t look pleasant if you leave the shirt without fixing. Moreover, sometimes half tuck also looks good. This is a good way to good slim, longer and stylish. This is really a working method to change your look.

Don’t go with a full retro

Retro is loved by everyone. Whether you are male or female, we love to have a retro look. But one thing that we should remember is that ‘a fully retro outfit does not look stylish, though it looks like a costume’. So take wear to maintain trend plus retro mixture to get a perfect fashion style.

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