8 Ways To Build Your Own Email List Instead of Buying

Spending money? Not a good idea. Not spending money on something others do? Now that gets me excited! Buying email lists fall in the latter category. The sales crew would be able to relate to this on so many levels. While companies give these individuals access to Internet services through deals like Frontier packages, your boss will be rather happy to learn that you do not need money to buy an email list. Because more money the company saves, happier the boss is. It’s a directly proportional relationship. In case, you weren’t aware, building an email list without spending a hefty amount to purchase one is a thing. Today’s blog will enlighten you with some of the many popular ways by which you can do so.

Blog Subscription

This is a very useful method when it comes to earning contacts for yourself for free. You can ask the viewers to subscribe to your newsletter or to your blog when they visit your website. This call for action can appear anywhere on your website. And when an individual chooses to subscribe to your blog/ newsletter that will reach them via email, he has to share his email address. Through this technique, you then gather the email addresses of the visitors on your websites and make your own list.

Opt-In Campaign

This is another effective method to grow your email list. Although it involves cutting down your existing email list, eventually you end up increasing your contacts. So, What you have to do is send an email to the old list of contacts and ask them to opt-in if they want to continue to receive messages or blog posts from your end. Once you have gathered the details of all who want to continue, you will delete the others from your contact list. This will shrink the list to the ones who are more likely to take action. Which means that these people will be more likely to forward your content. This will earn you contacts that are more interested then.

Add a Link

Another way to increase your email list is to add a hyperlink to your employee’s signature. This hyperlink will direct the viewers to the landing page. From there they can sign up for the mailing list.

Run a Contest

This is a very attractive and fun way of building an email list. Well both the adjectives are used for the participants. Run a contest and ask the people who are taking part to enter their email addresses before entering the contest. You do not have to reward the winner with a BMW. The winning prize can be anything. But such things attract people a lot. And will be of great help to you.

Refer a Friend

Your company will definitely have a lot of loyal customers. This technique targets those loyal ones in particular. All you have to do is ask them to share your content or refer you to a friend. The friend should enter the email address in order to receive updates about your company or products or any deals. You can add social sharing buttons on your website or your blogs to make the task easier for your existing customers.

Social Media

In today’s world, we cannot do much without social media. Building your email list can be done easily via your social media accounts as well. Include links to your web page on your social media content. IN case you come up with interesting and engaging content, the viewers will want to hear or watch more from you. You will have to take advantage of this opportunity and provide a link to your web page. There you will ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or blog if they want to receive more content. The viewers will have to share their email addresses in order to keep themselves updated with all that you are up to. They will get entertainment. And in return, you will build your own email list.

Email Ad-Ons

When you email your existing list, first of all, be sure of the wording that you use. According to research, adding ‘P.S.’ to an email makes it the second most read part of the email. When you send an email to the existing list, make sure to add a call to action at the end of the email. This asks of them to refer your company to their friends. If your content is worthy enough, they definitely will. This will naturally increase your contact list.


It is always a good idea to ask your visitors to leave feedback. It not only helps you to improve but also builds our email list. When you ask the visitor to leave feedback when they visit your website, they will feel important. Because of this, they would happily want to enlighten you with what they like about you and what not. But before they leave feedback, ask them to share their email address with you. Simple. A win-win situation, isn’t it?

However, it is also important for your marketers or social media managers to have access to the uninterrupted Internet at all times. Therefore, opt for services like FiOS Internet plans that offer high speed. Once all these things are in place and the marketers know all the tricks to build an email list without spending money, your business will benefit.


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