5 Tips to Throw the Best Wedding Reception for Your Guests

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Yeah, you finally got married… a toast to that. But still, a lot awaits – Reception, gifts and honeymoon. It still feels how you were planning for your Indian wedding cards, searching, consulting designers, everything and now it’s your wedding reception. We know you have been guided a lot about your wedding planning, but has anyone ever guided you about how to throw the wedding reception. Well, here are 5 tips to throw the best wedding reception for your guests:

  1. One pro tip in the very beginning is to plan like crazy before all the ceremonies but on the wedding day, just go with the flow. Yes, it is necessary to take things as they come on the wedding day. It’s quite common that most couples are so caught up in preparations for wedding reception, but as the day arrives, as the events unfold, there is not much you can do. So don’t get upset or whine about it. This is the celebration of your wedding, your togetherness, your love for your partner, so enjoy every bit of it. Most of the time, we fret over things which aren’t that significant and noteworthy. Relax and breathe, rinse and repeat.
  2. Another pro tip suggested by the professional is to never make your guest wait. If you’re hiring professional wedding planners, they usually schedule everything right from your entry to the very end of the wedding reception. If your dinner is scheduled for late, make sure you have something planned for your guest so they don’t have to sit and wait ideally. Make sure your reception ceremony starts at the scheduled time and the photographer doesn’t take “FOREVER” to capture the photos. If not food, you can start with some starters or dry snacks. Make sure your guests don’t have to wait for long, they tend to get restless.
  3. Another thing to be very considerate about while throwing the wedding reception is entertainment. It is not the centre of attraction, but your guest will totally love and indulge more with the band or DJ. Make sure you have the necessary arrangements for the guests.
  4. Another thing to be considerate is not to splurge all for your wedding reception. Nothing is more stressful than seeing that your  beautiful event is backed with a heavy debt. You have to plan everything very carefully and then incorporate it wisely. Only when you know you are still safe on your budget, you can embark this new life without any stress.
  5. One tip that is more for the couple and less in the context of reception is to wear comfortable clothing and footwear for the ceremony. We all drool over the stunning design of shoes and attires, but make sure you’re comfortable in that. Only when you are comfortable, you can carry that more gracefully and can show your “spectacular moves” on the dance floor.

The last thing is to enjoy every minute of your wedding reception. Eat, drink and be happy.

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