4 Tips To Disinfect Your Mattress And Keep It In Perfect Condition

Mattress Cleaning

Not disinfecting the mattress has direct consequences on our health. Here’s how to eliminate mites from your bed and beat them. If you follow our advice, your resting place will always be clean and comfortable.

How to clean a mattress?

There is nothing more pleasant than sleeping every night in a clean bed, without bad smells that interrupt our sleep. To achieve this state of well-being, apart from changing the bedding with adequate frequency and keeping our bedroom clean, we must devote time to disinfecting our mattress.

Next, we give you several tips so that your bedroom invites to rest and is in perfect condition.

Cleaning the mattress frequently

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today is a great motto of life when it comes to having daily chores. If you want your bed to be clean, you have to maintain the good condition of your mattress periodically and not wait to have to do deep disinfection of it.

This way, when you go to clean it in depth it will be easier and your mattress will last much longer.

How to remove stains from a mattress?

Apart from the aforementioned dust mites, our bed is witness to many activities that can also cause stains that we must eliminate if we want to avoid sleeping with bad odours.

Eating in bed, the loss of urine from small children or the elderly, menstrual spots or wounds and having pets that sleep with us are clear foci of bacteria that our mattress faces on a daily basis.

When you prepare to disinfect your mattress, the first thing you have to think about is what activities you have done in your resting place and see if they have left a mark.

Remove urine stains

For example, if you have small children who do not control the urine well, it is possible that your bed has these types of spots. To eliminate them,  the best product to disinfect the mattress is boric acid combined with  34 volumes of hydrogen peroxide.

Quintar bloodstains

Other spots that can give us headaches are those of blood. They are the most difficult to eliminate, and for this, you must moisten them and use boric acid until they are eliminated. Keep in mind that if the splash is recent it is easier to remove it especially if it is blood. Therefore, if you realize what you let go and act as soon as possible.

Remove mildew stains

If you have not cleaned your mattress in a long time or has reached your hands an old one that you want to take advantage of is likely to present mould. This type of splashing must be removed as soon as possible because it can cause respiratory problems, as well as skin changes.

Apply well on the stain, rub until it is removed and let air dry one day. You can find both boric acid and hydrogen peroxide in drugstores or DIY stores.

How to eliminate mites from a mattress?

The most frequent problem and why you should disinfect your mattress the most are the mites. When you throw yourself to do a deep cleaning of your bed you must perform the following steps.

Never forget to ventilate every day. It will kill the mites and, even after you have to clean it, there will be less and it will be much easier.

One infallible method to kill dust mites is to use water vapour or a special solution that you can find in a mattress store.

A very effective home remedy is to place in a water bottle with sodium bicarbonate diffuser diluted in water with a drop of tea tree oil.

Sprinkle it over the mattress and let it act for five minutes, then vacuum.

If you want to know more about how to eliminate mites in your home you can check our blog where we explain everything you need to know about cleaning in your home.

Allergy to dust: one more reason to disinfect your mattress

Many times we think that changing the sheets every week is enough to keep the mites on our bed at bay. However, it is in the mattress where they concentrate the most.

Dust mites are microscopic arachnids that develop in environments above 20ºC with humidity between 60-80%. That is why our bed is a cosy home for them.

These microscopic spiders are able to traverse the fabric of our bedding from the mattress. Therefore, it is irrelevant that you change them if you do not disinfect your mattress every month to eliminate mites in bed.

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